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[#17][09-03-2023 09:40 pm] [bungee gum] requiem fuck off bungee gum

imagine being such a pretentious bitch that you used to not fuck w me or ppl like me now u act just like me n like all the things ive liked thats some straight elementary bullshit. g59 gbc since 2016 bitch also fuck old scrim and ruby, they fucking deserve where they are NOW

ik u still keep up w my posts so fuck you normie ass bitch

[#16][07-23-2023 12:07 pm] [lcd test] requiem lcd test

found this old lawfirm book that had this quality lcd in it. im wondering if i can turn it into a PCstatus screen, or maybe even a simple clock/weather thing to sit on my desk :D

[#15][07-22-2023 04:07 pm] [imageboard status] vichan is gey imageboard status

for those of you who liked the imageboard, it is down right now as I make a new one from the ground up. its going to be blade based instead of twig and honestly will have way more features, customization, and functionality than vichan does :pp so stay tuned or follow/watch my github.

[#14][07-18-2023 05:07 pm] [burn out] requiem head empty burn out

welp, i'm 24 now, and this burn out is still here. i wonder if its a ptsd thing, or maybe im just constantly overstimulated :p godddd its annoying. it feels like ive been dead for a few years now and im just dredging on and on, weed helps at least thank fuck. and at least im able to update my site sometimes :V. blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... i need to add ascii emojis to this post editor....

[#13][04-06-2023 @ 21:06:49] [shit, 1.4 is looking snazzy] 風神requiem shit, 1.4 is looking snazzy

yea i like this theme way more than the previous in 1.3

[#12][03.17.2023 @ 2:03pm] [version 1.4] version 1.4

Ok, version 1.4 is coming. Finally. I got the UI theme done, and a new musicplayer atm, now i'm working on the UX side of things because there are alot of broken and buggy things with the blog, discord login, and etc (i made it really janky tbh XD) anyways 1.4 should feature a full blog system framework that will also be available on my github :P

[#11][01.17.2023 @ 4:46pm] [comfy 2023] comfy 2023

had a comfy start to 2023, got an actual server machine ! i can now host my website and game servers at home with 1gbps up/down.

ive already got 4 mc servers on the machine, an arma server, a couple factorio servers, andddd some gmod servers. ive wanted my own server since i was a kid so yeah, really comfy. oh oh the specs, right,, 32 cores @ 3.3ghz, and 96gb ram (786gb max)

anyway hope you all have a good and comfy 2023!

[#10][01.17.2023 @ 4:47pm] [disarray] disarray

ah, the website seems to have accumulated some bugs! its been a while! time to fix them ig :D

[#9][09.10.2022 @ 5:43pm] [★Depakote★] ★Depakote★

these new meds are interesting, tho the vanilla taste is weird.. depakote alongside prozac is actively helping me get some of my memories back which is nice! besides the bad memories, especially of snakes (as in people), and ive also been getting rid of some from my life so i can finally move forward!

the chameleon aspect of BPD is still confusing to me, also. i dont even do it consciously, it just happens and i catch myself doing it at a later point.

ALSOOO apparently ur actually allowed to do what ever you want, cant tell if shit friends, religion from childhood, or shit family, or the combo of them caused that complex, but being 23, and just now figuring that out is... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i rlly hate ppl sometimes. depakote has also helped in this regard, i wonder if this complex is apart of either borderline, or bipolar. hmmmmmm...

oh oh oh and i havent been working on ver 1.4 lately! however it should be up by halloween! (i so gotta make a spooky theme)

[#8][08.16.2022 @ 12:24am] [ok!] glow1:wave:XG2 vibezzz ok!

I am satisfied with the backend. Now it's time to work on the frontend, then perhaps the site will reach version 1.4 !!


  • Comments (Debating on whether I should do per post comments or not)
  • /Projekts/
  • /Version Browser/
  • /Experiments/
  • /Gallery/
  • Discord Status (Live?)
  • Steam integration
  • Post Editor UI/UX rework
  • Post UI rework


  • Some love for the UI

    This isn't simply a blog site <-<

[#7][08.14.2022 @ 10:18pm] [moved from db] some quote moved from db

ah, i have finally made the blog system non-db dependant, and also it supports markdown!




bold text italicized text

ahh another bug :D

img elements still showing, even tho there is no src T_T ahhh it will be a simple fix, such as:

if ($row[&#039;article_image&#039;] == NULL){ echo &#039;posts without images&#039;; } else { echo &#039;posts with images&#039;;

well, thats how i did it with the DB. maybe, $json[&#039;image&#039;]; == NULL would work instead. idk, thats something for tomorrow me. i am dog ass tired

[#6][08.12.2022 @ 3:00am] [memories] And so it Was memories

theyre always weird, arent they? for instance this one memory from 2016, listening to this <a href="">song</a>. i was listening to it in a graveyard, after midnight, just watching the moon and smoking some blunts. every fall i get a hint of that nostalgic memory, i dont know why. could it be because i was alone and had to deal with nothing? no one to force me to do shit? i was genuinely being me? who knows, all I know is that I want to go back to that, peaceful, moment.<br></br>also! i have found a bug with this blogging system... i cant input certain characters such as apostrophe into it..... oh well time for md files instead of mysql.

[#5][08.08.2022 @ 2:41pm] [cms] Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation cms

im working on a cms to manage the blog posts, comments (soon), and other aspects of this site!<br><br/>currently, i log into discord on the dev version of the site, and it shows admin buttons, given im logged into the correct account (works off of my id)<br><br/>hopefully u cant spoof the user_id with a cookie or something bc that would suuuuuuck.

[#4][08.08.2022 @ 1:12am] [euphoria] Close the world, txen eht nepO euphoria

that feeling... yknow, the one when you make something, esp with coding, is euphoric and addicting... im in love with the backend i coded for this site. def mixed with pride, as its a huge accomplishment, always, given my usual mental state!

[#3][07.28.2022 @ 10:12pm] [future] Who are you? Who slips into my robot body and whispers to my ghost? future

i have finally stopped being stuck in my head and got a decent portion of the front page done. heres to the future, and all the projekts and ideas that ive had in mind for years and years, and soon hopefully to be able to make them into a reality. given my mind doesnt give up or gets distracted, that is ^^. <br />hopefully this blog will also help me with my bpd and help me find real friends that dont copy me<br/><br/>

[#2][09.22.2022 @ 5:34am] [thanks] thanks

thanks to the artists that are playing on this website, they gave me permission to use them here and their music has also helped me alot. id love to get peeps, x, lil tracys, lil happy lil sad, and others on here officially... miss u gus, miss u x, i might make an exception for you two, you both prevented my suicide and saved my life a few times, same with every other artist that plays on this website. much love to you all <3, and if any of you see this, know that your music has an impact and helps people, keep it up

[#1][08.02.2021 @ 6:56pm] [i t l i v e s] i t l i v e s

I finally got a blog made, now u mfs can see the inside of my mind, well maybe.ehhhhh its a bit buggy, ill have to fix it later. im just happy to finally have it wtf, 2008 internet here we come! todo: add ajax buttons with a container for the posts, so u can still listen to music while reading!<br/><br/>welcome to site version 0.5 i guess