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Close the World. Open the nExt
resonance: 7.83 hz - 20.3hz
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version: 1.4.5






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24 yo neet diagnosed w bpd, bp, cptsd, schizophrenia, depresso espresso, gad, annnnd more. mainly just broken brain syndrome!

requiem.moe; a place for me to try and express and unlock parts of myself. i'm not that great at anything and i havent really went to school for this stuff buuuut it is a passion of mine, since around 11 years of age, i've been interested in web development and design. i've always wanted to make my own website and i've always wanted to make my own game. i've never really had the "time", haha procastination and bedrotting is a Bxtch!! some notion of the early web from when i was a kid drives me really.

As I struggle w BPD and often change personalities mid conversation, this site has helped as sort of a foundation for me to build upon. I've been able to express myself in ways I never thought I could.

giant middle finger to those whom doubted/belittled me! fuck all yall

getting out of bed is extremely hard for me yet this site is one of the things that makes me get up and work on little bits at a time

heres to freedom from the chains of ptsd, bpd, and labels!!
if you need a sysadmin / jr-med webdev, feel free to hmu through discord; consider my issues + i absolutely hate talking using my voice, it makes me very uncomfortable. or [email protected]
    for hire
  • sysadmin / webmaster [$30/hr] @ one to three 5 hour days/week
  • webdev html/css [$25/hr] @ three 5 hour days/week
  • medium webdev php [$30/hr] @ three 5 hour days/week
  • i will not do large projects under tight time constraints; it will cause me to be overwhelmed and lead me to mania
  • webdev js FRONTEND ONLY [$50/hr] @ two 6 hour days/week
  • python script dev non web [$50/hr] @ three 5 hour days/week
  • py/js are expensive as i am still learning and i am not at a comfortable position with them