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resonance: 7.83 hz - 20.3hz

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  • ImgSrv [ok]
  • WebSrv [ok][0]
  • Aura [null]
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some projects

  • Aura [null] -- a discord bot that is currently in development going to be a backend for alot of things that are inter-connected with an 'aura'
  • Blog [working][dev] -- fully featured blog system integrated with a discord bot, laravel cms (custom), and more
  • PS2 Game [null] -- going to make a horror game to learn c++ and to sasiate my love for horror games (silent hill is so nostalgic :D)
  • Unicorn [null] -- funny name for a mutex "worm" i always wanted to make
  • Imageboard [dev] --rChan, undergoing a re-write to be more secure and feature rich using laravel instead of symfony/twig/vi-chan
  • ShutChan [dev] -- fork of rchan for neet's / hikikomori's
  • Gallery [dev] -- screenshots/videos/media pulled from my steam, youtube, twitch and imgsrv
  • Store [dev] -- sticker / merch store
  • Radio [dev] -- webradio for here and the imageboard

game servers


  • minecraft [dev]
  • terraria [working][ok][calamity/thestarsabove/qol] -- whitelisted @ aurora
  • gmod [dev][ttt/sandbox/darkrp/prophunt]
  • tf2 [dev]
  • csgo [dev]
  • rust [dev]
  • ark [dev]
  • 7 days to die [dev]
  • space engineers [working][ok] -- whitelisted @ aurora
  • scp: secret laboratory [dev]
  • arma3 [dev][warlords]

cancers voyage

  • project zomboid [dev]
  • barotrauma [dev]
  • space station 13 [null]
  • 7 days to die [dev]

shutin network

  • minecraft [working][ok] -- whitelisted @


  • vintage story [dev]
  • 7 days to die [dev]